Inventory Certification Process

After all items have been accounted for (either scanned or required paperwork processed (ICR)), the Inventory Certification form is required to certify  that the physical inventory was completed and the official property records were found to be in agreement with the physical inventory . All discrepancies are noted on the Certification form and must be signed by appropriate authority.

Follow the instructions below to complete Inventory Certification.


  1. From the Property Inventory System click Inventory Report (Summary) select the Summary Org. and click search.
  2. Click the adobe icon (Certified column) button on the Property Inventory System website. The certification adobe icon button becomes available after 100% of inventory has been accounted for, scanned and uploaded or ICRs processed.
  3. View the PDF file. Complete the names, in the form, of those that will be signing (if known).
  4. Print the Inventory Certification PDF file. (Note: Do not modify the form.)
  5. Obtain the three required signatures on the Inventory Certification form.
  6. The certify button will display for the summary unit, when all departments for that unit have completed the inventory process (all at 100% & certified). To complete the certification process for the summary unit checkmark Summary level in step 1 and follow steps 2-5.
  7. No additional printed output from the Property Inventory System is required. Departments should submit the Inventory Certification form without an accompanying list of inventory.