Please follow instructions on the forms. Note: Old forms will not be accepted.

Inventory Change Request (ICR) – NMSU Business Procedures requires that an Inventory Change Request (ICR) be used to submit all inventory changes. If a change is being reported for more than one inventory item, please check the “Multiple Items” box on the first page and use the second page to list the additional items. Routing of the form is dependent on type of change being submitted; please refer to the form for more information. All tagged and non-tagged inventory must be included on the form when turning them in to surplus.

Permission to Sell – Should be used to request that proceeds from a sale item be returned partially to the owning department.

Equipment Loan – This form should be use to obtain approval for loan of NMSU Property or to renew the loan of NMSU Property. Remember that the inventory will still need to be scanned.

Inventory Scan Exception – This form is to be used ONLY for inventory items that cannon be scanned due to their remote location.

Barcode Inventory Discrepancy – To report discrepancies in inventory.