Updating Custodian or Equipment Manager


Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager is responsible for taking inventory or managing the taking of inventory for a unit, department, or college. The Equipment Manager is the person contacted by Procurement Services if an auditor selects a unit of equipment to sample as part of an audit. Procurement Services will also contact the Equipment Manager for the purpose of tagging equipment. The Equipment Manager is the point of contact for any questions Property Accounting has regarding equipment acquisition.


The Custodian is the individual who uses the equipment or takes responsibility for the use of the equipment. For example, a vehicle that is used by several department members will have as Custodian the person who controls the keys to the vehicle.

Changing an Equipment Manager and Custodian

To change an Equipment Manager or Custodian, notify Property Accounting (e.g., with a memo or email) of all changes to be made. This is frequently done by sending Property Accounting an Excel spreadsheet listing your department’s inventory with all changed items highlighted. Property Accounting can be emailed at AFR_property@nmsu.edu.