Surplus Process


  1. Items should be offered by departments on so other departments can claim them. (if they are usable)
  2. If items are not claimed by another department on RePete or are not usable, an email should be sent to with the completed ICR(s). ICR must include all tagged and non-tagged items. Also include building name and room number of where the item(s) is located.
  3. The Property staff will schedule an appointment for delivery or enter a work order for pick-ups  **departments are not allowed to enter work orders for surplus pick ups **
  4. The FS Movers will pick up items *Note: Department may want to have a copy of the ICR to check off items as they are being loaded by the FS Movers.

Please make sure that the Inventory Change Request (ICR) form has the appropriate signatures.

* The emailed ICR will be considered the original form.


Last Updated 4/3/17